Your Impact

Your Influence

Am I really making a difference?

YES. YES. YES. We can’t change kids’ health without the support of incredible people like you. It’s you who raises awareness, trains, FUNdraises and walks, and it’s you who makes all the difference. So, 100% YES! By taking action today, and being part of the Canaccord Genuity Great Camp Adventure, you can help prevent another child getting sick, so get involved NOW. Every supporter makes a difference - even ones that sing camp songs out of tune. But you can sure tweet about it – so get busy on twitter.

How much of the money goes to the cause?

The whole caboodle. 100% of all donations goes directly to SickKids Foundation, for the hospital’s most urgent needs. Your fundraising dollars will be donated to The Possibilities Fund at SickKids. For SickKids, it’s the most flexible source of funding, and therefore one with the most potential to transform children’s health.

This fund is available for any of the hospital’s most urgent needs, including providing the best, most innovative care to patients, whether they are critically ill, injured or living with a chronic condition. It allows us to invest in research projects so that scientists can change the future of kids’ health, and to train doctors who care for children across Canada and around the world. The Possibilities Fund supports people, programs, equipment and physical infrastructure, and allows SickKids to continue to be the exceptional place it is. SickKids is a world leader in patient care, research discoveries that are changing the field of health, and global knowledge-sharing initiatives to ensure that every child has a chance at health.

What will the money be used for?

We're raising all important FUNds for SickKids, so this exceptional hospital can continue to provide world-class care to young patients and their families. Every year they see more than 100,000 children and every dollar matters.

But FUNding goes much further than that. It means SickKids can invest in research programs and training, maintaining their position as a leader in paediatric wellness. Through a commitment to providing more than just care, they actively seek new and innovative ways to improve children’s health, to enhance the patient experience and to ensure that their successes are shared globally. Every child benefits from their learning. SickKids is proud of its vision of Healthier Children. A Better World.™